Why Vegan?


…When we consume animal products, we consume the bodies and products of individuals. We think we consume something but in reality, we consume someone.
— Gary L. Francione

Every hour over 8 million animals are slaughtered, 114 thousand tons of grain are used to feed the next batch, and over 4 million tons of greenhouse gases are dumped into the atmosphere by livestock. Each year 64 billion land animals are killed exclusively for human consumption. And while it takes roughly 700 calories worth of food to produce just one 100-calorie piece of beef, over 20,000 people starve to death each day.

The three main reasons people choose to go vegan are:

To read more about why some people choose a vegan diet check out LiveVegan.org, OR, if you want to give it a try PETA offers a free Vegan Starter Kit.

The Mystery of the Heart

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The North Pole Is Moving


Here is one very interesting fact…
Since 1860, the magnetic pole shift has more than doubled every 50 years. That is pretty significant. In geological terms, that seems to be pretty ‘rapid’.

Here is another very interesting fact…
During the past 150 years, the pole shift has been in the same direction.

The following fact is even more astonishing…
During the past 10 years, the magnetic north pole has shifted nearly half of the total distance of the past 50 years! In other words, the pole shift has apparently sped up substantially.

Rodney Viereck, a top scientist for the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, noted in the above video from 2011 that the North Pole is moving “quite rapidly”. Based on home research featured in a video from mid-2013 some folks are reporting that the Earth’s North Pole is moving at a rate of a mile a day.

Tampa International Airport in Florida made the news after spending a month renaming all its runways. Tampa’s runways are named based on the degree they point to on the compass. With the North Pole moving as rapidly as it has been during the past decade similar changes are have been made to airports all over the country.

Changes on a compass are not easily noticed by tech-drenched urbanites, but there are communities all over the world that maintain a way of life more in tune with the planet. In the above clip members of an Inuit group discuss the shifts they’ve witnessed during their lifetimes. The below video also features anecdotal real-life observation.